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  • BCD's

      BCD`s are important safety equipment, they give you positive buoyancy on the surface eliminating the need to tread water.  They also need regular servicing just like a regulator to avoid leaks/failures/etc. 

  • Camera

     Photography and videography are a great addition to the scuba diving experience.  They allow you to capture and share your experiences with diver/non-diver friends alike.

  • Computer

    A Dive Computer is becoming a default piece of equipment for divers now.  These small devices, keep you safe by helping reduce the risk of DCS, etc.

  • Cutting

    Carrying a cutting device should be compulsory!  You never know when you or a buddy will become entangled.  Or when you find sea life entangled or trapped...  If you’re not carrying a cutting device, it’s too late.

  • Fin

    Humans need help to improve movement efficiency underwater, luckily they design fins for us!

  • Fitness

    Fitness activity wear & accessories

  • Fluo

    'Fluo' refers to the fluorescence of creatures when a blue light if Shon on them.  Weird effects make for amazing night dive photos.

  • Gifts

    Buy a scuba diving related gift for yourself or a diving friend, and let them know how much you care.

  • Gloves/Hoods

    Gloves are can be useful to avoid cuts/scratches from equipment/ropes, etc.  They are NOT so you can touch corals and creatures!  While hoods/caps help reduce heat loss from your head, and keep long hair under control.

  • Hardware

    There will always be a need to bring extra items when you go diving.  Ensure they are securely attached to you, so they don`t get lost or damaged.

  • Lighting

    Water absorbs light, so bringing a source of artificial light allows you to see the true colors of the underwater world.  This is also a must if you are using a camera.  

  • Mask

    Without a mask, we are unable to see clearly underwater.  Always ensure good fit first, before choosing the color.

  • Misc

    Misc items that don`t go anywhere else

  • Pouches

    Hanging accessories on yourself like a Christmas tree is a recipe for entanglement/lost items/etc.  Keep yourself streamlined and you equipment safe, put them in pouches.

  • Regulator

    Without the regulator, scuba diving would not exist, but thanks to Mr. Cousteau in 1946 it does.  Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

  • Side Mount

    Becoming more popular, this is now longer for technical divers.  It offers new comfort and flexibility, not available to divers using a bank mounted tank.

  • Signalling

    Often overlooked until needed, having appropriate signaling devices is important for your personal safety.  From a slate to improve buddy communication, to an SMB to signal to boats.

  • Storage

    Storing you items, during and after diving helps avoid loss and damage.  From keeping things dry on the boat, to drying things at home; we have you covered.

  • Tank

    The tank is you life’s supply of air underwater, so maintaining the tank is critical.  Just as important is maintaining its attachment to you and your regulator.

  • Tools

    Maintaining your own equipment, weather full servicing of just a simple repair on a dive boat.  Is good knowledge to have, and helps miss dives due to equipment malfunctions?