About us

We are a group of passionate divers & instructors, who have a background in mechanical design and electronics. 
The products we design are unique to us, we do not copy other companies designs nor do we allow others to use our designs.  Everything in life can be improved; and we try our best to make all our products the best we can.  We constantly look for weaknesses in our own designs and others, to understand how to improve our own brand.  
If it looks like one of our torches, theres a very good chance, it says Diving Solutions on it.  We always strive to make our designs practical, reliable and value for money; we have also developed many of our own test systems such as our own pressure chamber (capable of the equivalent depth of 500m), a color measuring system and battery capacity testers.
We believe in satisfying our customers, not only with our products but also with our service.